As of the summer of 2017, JATS4R develops recommendations via subgroups, to enable more people to collaborate on recommendations in areas of interest to them. This is a new initiative and we welcome any participation in the groups. To indicate your interest, please contact the relevant subgroup chair.

If you are wondering how the subgroups’ work fits into the recommendations process, please see the recommendations workflow diagram.

The following is the current list of upcoming subgroups:

Subgroup Sub-group chair Sub-group description Status
Author affiliations Mary Seligy Recruiting Not started yet
Conflict of Interest statements Kelly McDougall Recruiting Not started yet
Reference styles* Stephen Laverick Recruiting Not started yet
Keywords and/or subjects Mike Eden Recruiting Not started yet
Clinical trial data Lucie Senn Best practice for capturing clinical trial information Recruiting
Software citations Melissa Harrison Best practice for tagging citations to software (code) in a reference list This subgroup will now use the outcomes from the Force11 Software Citation Implementation Working Group. Please join that working group if you would like to contribute to this recommendation