JATS4R needs you! Here are four ways you can participate

1. Join the regular calls

The main JATS4R group meets biweekly by conference call. In these calls, we usually discuss recommendations that the main group is working on, as well as items related to maintaining the JATS4R infrastructure (such as the website). Whether you are interested in actively participating in tagging recommendations discussions or just following along, if you are interested then you are welcome.

Call details:

  1. Calls are always every second Thursday, unless otherwise announced (see the schedule below). Calls are always at the following time, unless otherwise announced: (2 pm BST /1 pm UTC /3 pm CEST /9 am EST/ 6 am PST)
  2. Check the dial-in details (phone number to call for your region)
  3. Check the JATS4R Minutes document, which has the agendas, minutes, and action items for the current and previous calls. This will help you to get up to speed with what we are currently discussing.

Call schedule for Spring 2017:

  • May 11, 25
  • June 8, 22

2. Participate in a particular set of recommendations

If you are concerned about the time you would have to commit to JATS4R but would still like to help, consider working on just a single topic of recommendations (e.g, math, display objects, etc). As we begin work on each set, we can let you know that it’s going to begin so that you can participate.

3. Follow the JATS4R activities on our Google mailing lists

JATS4R has two Google mail lists (mail forums), and both are public and open to anyone interested:

  • The Main JATS4R list is where JATS4R puts out any public notices, such as notices of upcoming meetings or tagging recommendation announcements
  • The JATS4R Admin list is for all adminstrivia related to JATS4R. We use this forum for such things as collaborating on abstracts for conferences, communications projects, validator tool discussions, and anything else that is related to running or organising JATS4R

4. Send us your XML samples!

We would like to see as many full-text XML samples as possible from publishers so that we can best represent how people are tagging their content when we make our recommendations. The samples are for analysis only so that we get a full picture of how JATS is being used. We won’t share your samples, and if you like, we can anonymise them (or you can do that yourself before sending). Please send samples to jats4r[at]gmail.com.

Follow us on Twitter @JATS4R

To help spread the word about the JATS4R initiative and encourage adoption, JATS4R needs to reach as many folks in scholarly publishing as possible. Please follow us.