JATS4R needs you! Here are four ways you can participate

1. Join a subgroup

JATS4R now develops recommendations by subgroups, to allow more people to work on recommendations at a time that is suitable and on areas of interest to them, such as display objects, math, etc. For a list of current and upcoming subgroups, please see the subgroups page.

2. Send us your XML samples!

We would like to see as many full-text XML samples as possible from publishers so that we can best represent how people are tagging their content when we make our recommendations. The samples are for analysis only so that we get a full picture of how JATS is being used. Samples are kept on our public Github repository. To contribute a sample, please email your samples to us.

3. Follow JATS4R activity on our Google mailing lists and on Twitter

JATS4R has a public Google mail list, where we post announcements of our activities, such as public invitations to comment on recommendations in draft form. We invite anyone who is interested to join. You can also follow us on Twitter (@jats4r).

4. Comment on draft recommendations

When a given set of recommendations is in draft, there is a public commenting period for one month, open to anyone who is interested in sharing their ideas about the recommendations. Look for notices on the Google mail list, or follow us on Twitter.