As of the summer of 2017, JATS4R recommendations are made by various sub-groups, which welcome volunteers from those in scholarly publishing interested in optimising JATS-tagged content for exchange and reuse by machines. To see a list of upcoming article objects slated for recommendation development, see the Subgroups page.

Recommendation statuses

As each set of recommendations is posted on this website, a status is applied. The following
explains what each of the statuses mean:

PUBLIC REVIEW: JATS4R recommendations are open for comment by the community for one month. Those wishing to comment will be directed to the relevant Google Docs version to add comments to.

COMMITTEE REVIEW: The relevant subgroup and Steering Committee respond to public comment and make any adjustments deemed necessary. At this stage, the recommendations may go back to the public for review.

WORKING: The document has passed through a first round of public review, but has been sent back to the subgroup to rework the recommendations in Google Docs.

PENDING DECISION: All or part of a set of recommendations may be pending a decision, such as a submission to the JATS Standing Committee.

PUBLISHED: The set of recommendations is now published and only available on the website. Any new comments on the versions should be addressed by email to the JATS4R Chair. Comments will be stored until the next review period. In some cases, comments may result in an update/correction or reopening of the recommendation for subgroup work again. The standard review period is 2 years.

JATS4R’s process

The following figure illustrates the JATS4R recommendation process: